“I worked with Dr. Krol as a part of the management team that oversaw operations at the Sanford-Brown College, Hillside campus. She was the Director of Education, and I worked closely with her and her staff, including the program chairs, full-time and adjunct faculty. One of her primary responsibilities was to ensure that students successfully complete their programs, and accordingly, retention of students was one of the largest benchmarks by which her department is measured. Dr. Krol diligently planned and implemented a process, through student surveys among other initiatives, that resulted in one of the best retention rates for Sanford-Brown colleges nation-wide. She took a great deal of pride in her role and our students, and it was evident in the way she worked with other campus departments, including mine (Career Services). She often offered sage advice – advice quite often heeded given her experience! I believe Dr. Krol would make an excellent campus leader for any educational organization”