Real Estate License Test Preparation and ESL Language Preparation Tutoring & Higher Education Tutoring

Real estate tutoring, for any student in the State of Illinois is available in general content areas and only Real Estate Math! ESL practice as well as general College Tutoring and Advice Provided!

Are you a parent looking for advice on how to get your child through college and need experienced help on how to do it without them getting in major debt they will never work out of? Well, with two decades of experience in Higher Education, Dr. Krol can definitely guide you in the right direction!

Our Real Estate Tutoring is designed to answer any questions that may arise out of failing the State of IL Real Estate exam from your IL 90 Hour Broker Pre-license, 30 Hour Broker Post License and 45 Hour Managing Broker Pre-license courses.

The student may also use a Tutoring session to prep for the standardized IL State and National exam for the State of Illinois or chose to get direction to pass, final exams at Inland Real Estate School, Inc., so tutoring is entirely based on student need and is customized.

Oftentimes, we work with students once they fail one of the items above, and once they have met with us, we have been told they now have direction, a plan and know what they need to do to pass the exam.

What are some great scenarios that have proven successful for students and us getting amazing results for them:

  • I just failed my State of IL exam and have no idea how?
  • I passed the National test but no the State test and have no idea what I did wrong?
  • I have a learning disability and need help.
  • I am not good at Math.
  • I have test anxiety.
  • I have no clue how to study for this test?
  • I thought I would pass and didn’t now I am feeling lost
  • I would like to practice the English language.
  • I am not sure how to structure my college tuition.
  • Should I go to a smaller college, work fulltime and go to school fulltime and stay at home or go to a big college and stay there?
  • I’m failing a college class and I have no clue how to get my grade up!

We also provide college tutoring in General Education Classes, English, MLA and APA paper advising, Communication, and general Graduate school advice to get through and finish your thesis or dissertation, as well as ESL college guidance with an emphasis in the field of Real Estate.

Contact us via email or phone, feel free to send us your latest exam and we can quote you on what we think it will take to get you to your desired outcome.

Typically an hour session, has individuals coming away feeling much more confident and knowin what needs to be completed, so they can be successful. In our hour session items like, test anxiety, learning theory, state test structure, testing location, learning challenges, etc. are all covered in the first session based on the student’s individual needs and based on the area of Tutoring needed.

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Our Real Estate Math Tutoring is generally an hour as well for a review of all the relevant material and you come away with a handout of everything so you can continue studying. 

If you’re struggling, reach out, you’ll be glad you did!