“Dr. Krol is a very talented leader and facilitator. She is particularly adept at taking multiple complex issues and seeing the big picture as to how they all relate and interact with one another in her role as a Mediator. I admire her innovative ideas, her respect for everyone she deals with, and her very level-headed approach to her work. Dr. Krol is a true professional who strives for excellence and fairness in all she does. She is particularly adept at thinking “outside the box” and is very creative, smart, and fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor that dovetails well with the poise, professionalism and passion she brings to every situation. She is diligent, dependable, and positive in her approach to her work. I would recommend her without reservation for any role where a consummate professional with intelligence, integrity, and character is needed. I always knew I could count on Stephanie when I needed her”