Mediation Services

Divorce, Family, Probate Workplace Conflicts, Civil Lawsuits, Real Estate Conflicts

Skillful Diligence

A satisfying process includes trusting the mediator’s ability and integrity. In my work as a mediator, I incorporate the following skills as needed:

  • Encouraging constructive debate among the parties to the dispute without giving away requested confidences;
  • Participating in private intra-party dialogue between attorneys and their clients to explore assumptions, perceptions, strengths and weakness;
  • Clarifying interests, needs, and concerns by asking appropriate questions;
  • Handling difficult people and intense situations with diplomacy and tact;
  • Exploring creative options for meeting the parties’ needs and interests;
  • Facilitating dialogue that can improve the working relationships among disputants;
  • Orchestrating a win-win situation.


To serve individuals, companies, and couples Nationwide with concentration in: Kane and Dupage counties (IL) as a Mediator by providing a confidential and neutral process that skillfully facilitates negotiation, self-determined decision-making, and the highest probability of resolution.

What Services Do I Offer?

I offer Mediation Services Nationwide with concentration in: Kane and Dupage counties (IL) for divorce, family matters, probate matters, civil lawsuits of all kinds and pre-litigation disputes among individuals, employers and employees, businesses, landowners, entrepreneurs, builders, and financial institutions.

All mediation and conflict resolution services are: confidential, private, and tailored to the participants and their specific needs.

Mediation Examples

Offers an alternative to counselling and/or can assist with prenuptial agreements and animal related

Help people to settle disputes and resolve problems having to do with where they live

Between consumers and business owners, including store owners, suppliers, and contractors.

Offers a variety of solutions relative to boarding & leasing issues!

Automobile accidents, wrongful death, slip-and-fall claims, and other torts

Landlord/tenant, escrow money disputes, land use/zoning, eminent domain, code, title disputes

Appeals, coverage, liability, and compensation issues

Offers a variety of solutions relative to boarding & leasing issues!