Functional Medicine Practitioner & Certified Health and Wellness Coaching Services

Learn how to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual health through diet, nutrition, green living, mindfulness, breath work, functional medicine and other holistic self-care strategies.

Certified Functional Medicine and Health and Wellness Online Coaching, as well as on-demand individual wellness programs, are offered in the “Products” tabs, and are available to assist you immediately on your health journey! Get healthy, and Troubleshoot roadblocks, tweak, or build a new health care plan. Identify the underlying contributing factors for your symptoms and conditions. Design or refine a diet that is right for you and your individual needs. Take control of your own destiny and transform your life. Reduce feelings of fear, helplessness, hopelessness, and loss of control. Clarify goals and create a plan of action. Empower yourself by becoming informed and developing a strong self-care plan to enhance your healing journey.

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Regardless of which health condition you are facing, significant improvement can always be made with simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

Are you ready to take charge and take steps to increase your health and wellbeing through Functional Medicine or Health Coaching?

I can provide the human “touch” and partnership that will lead you through the critical strategies necessary as you seek your health and wellness goals and make sustainable changes.

So whether you are trying to adopt some healthy lifestyle habits, reduce your health risks or better manage a chronic condition, I can help get you there. Our sessions take place via telephone, or telehealth session, and can be arranged at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

Flexible coaching arrangements are designed to fit your needs. Both, Functional Medicine and Wellness and Health Coaching fees are based on the number and length of the sessions which are customized for each client.  At the pre-arranged time, you will call me and are responsible for any telephone, internet, etc. charges incurred on your end. In general, sessions for both services are offered by Dr. Stephanie!

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