A Consulting Group

Ryan Morrison
Recruiting Manager at SNI Financial

“I worked with Dr. Krol as a part of the management team that oversaw operations at the Sanford-Brown College, Hillside campus. She was the Director of Education, and I worked closely with her and her staff, including the program chairs, full-time and adjunct faculty. One of her primary responsibilities was to ensure that students successfully

Michelle Hughes
Director of Children’s Services at Child & Family Mediation

“Dr. Krol is an extremely intelligent, dedicated, and devoted professional with significant success and leadership in many areas of Human Services, Social Services and Mediation. Her ability to multi-task, stay focused, remain professional and use all of her talents to resolve conflicts and disputes or objectively negotiate a resolution set her aside from many others

Liz Smith
Real Estate Agent at RE/Max Results

“Stephanie Krol worked closely with Student Resource Services (SRS) at the Sanford Brown College – Hillside campus. Together, we worked on promotion and integration of our program at the campus level. Stephanie was very clear about her goals and objectives, she was able to increase utilization of SRS more than double in one quarter. Our

Linda Lucatorto
Owner, Personal Coaching for Transitions and Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant

“Knowing Dr. Stephanie is a pleasure and anyone who chooses to work with her, as their Mediator, will derive great benefit. Stephanie has an extensive and varied professional background and in each setting the outcome has been one of excellence, achievement and success. Her credentials in Education, Organizational Development and Psychology are very valuable when

Lillian D Williams
Vice President of Operations / Compliance at Career Institute, Inc

“Dr. Krol is a detailed-oriented manager who provides superlative work, from concept to final output. She is trustworthy and reliable which enabled our organization to fully accept her advice on organizational processes and systems. I found Dr. Krol to be a professional who worked well with me and my colleagues. This allowed for a creative